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How to Sharpen Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner

Last Updated on September 20, 2022 by Climent Rick

I’m always looking for ways to make my makeup routine more efficient and foolproof. So when I found out that you can actually sharpen your Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner, I was pretty stoked. Here’s how to do it:

First, find a sharpener that fits the lip liner pencil. If you don’t have one specifically for lip liners, a small cosmetic sharpener will work just fine. Next, line up the pencil in the sharpener so that the blade is lined up with where you want to shave off the tip of the pencil.

Gently twist the pencil in the sharpener until you’ve achieved your desired pointiness. And that’s it! Super simple, right?

Now go forth and create those perfect cat-eye flicks with your newly sharpened Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner.

  • For best results, use a lip liner sharpener designed specifically for Charlotte Tilbury pencils
  • If you don’t have one of these on hand, you can also use a small makeup sharpener with a narrow opening
  • Start by twisting the pencil up slightly so that there is about 1/4 inch of product showing
  • Insert the tip of the sharpener into the pencil and twist in a clockwise motion until the lead is nice and pointy
  • Wipe away any excess pencil shavings and apply your lip liner as usual!

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Pencil | Try It or Buy It?

How to Twist Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner

If you’re looking for a foolproof way to achieve the perfect pout, look no further than Charlotte Tilbury’s Lip Liner. This magic pencil will help you define and shape your lips while also providing long-lasting wear. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get the most out of your Lip Liner:

1. First things first, start by lining your lips with the pencil. Use short, feathery strokes to avoid any harsh lines. 2. Once you’ve got your base, it’s time to start twisting!

Starting from the outer corner of your mouth, twist the pencil in a small spiral motion until you reach the center of your lips. 3. To finish things off, use the point of the pencil to fill in any areas that may have been missed. And voila!

How to Sharpen Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon

If you’re a fan of Charlotte Tilbury’s line of Colour Chameleon eyeshadows, you know that they’re some of the most beautiful and easy-to-use shadows on the market. But what you may not know is that they’re also some of the easiest to sharpen! Here’s a step-by-step guide to get perfect, precise lines every time:

1. Start with a clean, sharpened pencil. If your pencil is dull, it will be more difficult to get a crisp line. 2. Use a light hand when applying the shadow to your lid.

The Colour Chameleons are highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way. 3. For best results, use an eye primer before applying the shadow. This will help it stay in place and prevent creasing throughout the day.

4. When you’re ready to sharpen your pencil, do so slowly and carefully. If you go too fast or press too hard, you risk breaking the lead inside the pencil (and no one wants that!).

How to Sharpen Charlotte Tilbury Rock ‘N’ Kohl

If you’re a fan of Charlotte Tilbury’s Rock ‘N’ Kohl eyeliner, then you know that it’s one of the best eyeliners on the market. But what you may not know is how to properly sharpen it. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do just that:

1. Start by removing the cap from the Rock ‘N’ Kohl pencil. 2. Next, use a small sharpener (one specifically designed for pencils is best) to sharpen the tip of the pencil. 3. Be careful not to over-sharpen, as this can cause the lead to break and make your eyeliner unusable.

4. Once you’ve achieved your desired point, replace the cap and voila! You’re ready to create some killer winged liner looks with your newly sharpened Rock ‘N’ Kohl pencil!

Best Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner

Charlotte Tilbury is one of the most popular make-up artists in the world, and her Lip Cheat lip liner is one of her most iconic products. This lip liner is designed to give you the perfect pout, and it comes in a range of shades to suit all skin tones. The Lip Cheat lip liner is incredibly easy to use, and it glides on smoothly to create a flawless finish.

It also has a built-in sharpener so you can keep your pencil sharp and ready to use at all times. This lip liner is long-lasting and waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about it smudging or coming off throughout the day. It’s the perfect product for creating a defined and polished look, and it’s definitely worth investing in if you want to achieve Charlotte Tilbury’s signature style.

How to Sharpen Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner
How to Sharpen Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner 2


Can I Sharpen a Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner?

Yes, you can sharpen a Charlotte Tilbury lip liner. All you need is a sharpener that is specifically designed for lip liners. To sharpen your lip liner, start by twisting the pencil until the lead is exposed.

Then, insert the lead into the sharpener and twist clockwise until it is fully Sharpened.

How Do You Use Charlotte Tilbury Lip Pencil?

If you’re new to the world of Charlotte Tilbury, then you might be wondering how to use her famous lip pencil. Here’s a quick guide to help you get started. First, choose your desired shade of lip pencil.

Then, start by lining your lips with the pencil, using short, feathery strokes. Fill in your lips completely with the pencil, and then use a brush or your finger to blend the edges. Next, apply your lipstick or gloss on top of the lip pencil.

For extra staying power, blot your lips with a tissue and then dust them with translucent powder.

How Do You Sharpen Automatic Lip Liner?

If you’re looking to sharpen your automatic lip liner, there are a few things you’ll need to do. First, you’ll need to find a sharpener that’s specifically designed for use with automatic lip liners. These types of sharpeners usually have a slightly different design than traditional pencil sharpeners, so it’s important that you use the right type of sharpener.

Once you’ve found a sharpener that will work with your automatic lip liner, follow these steps: 1. Insert the tip of the sharpener into the lead sleeve at the back end of the lip liner. 2. Gently twist the sharpener until the lead is completely inside of it.

3. Start twisting the sharpener in an up-and-down motion until you see shavings appearing in the opening at the top of the sharpener. Continue until the entire lead has been Sharpened and then remove it from the sleeve.

How Long Does Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner Last?

Lip liner is one of those essential makeup items that can help give your lips a boost of definition and color. But how long does it last? And is there anything you can do to make it last longer?

Here’s what you need to know about Charlotte Tilbury lip liner: How long does Charlotte Tilbury lip liner last? It depends on the formula, but most Charlotte Tilbury lip liners will last for several hours.

The brand’s ‘Kissing’ Lip Liner, for example, promises up to six hours of wear. However, if you’re looking for a lip liner that will really last all day (or night), you might want to try the ‘Lasts Longer’ Lip Liner. This waterproof pencil has a matte finish and claims to stay put for up to 12 hours.

To get the most out of your Charlotte Tilbury lip liner, start by lining your lips with the pencil, then fill in your lips with the matching lipstick shade. For extra staying power, apply a thin layer of clear gloss over top.


If you’re a fan of Charlotte Tilbury’s range of lip liners, you’ll know that they’re some of the best on the market. But what if your liner starts to get dull? Here’s how to sharpen it up so you can keep getting those perfect lips.

First, start by taking the cap off of the lip liner. Next, find a sharpener that will fit the size of your pencil – Charlotte Tilbury sells one specifically for their lip liners, but any good quality sharpener will do. Insert the pencil into the sharpener and give it a few twists until it’s nice and sharp.

And that’s it! Just pop the cap back on and you’re good to go. Sharpening your Charlotte Tilbury lip liner is quick and easy, and will help you get those perfect lips every time.

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