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How to Charge Awakening Gauge Jump Force

Last Updated on September 18, 2022 by Climent Rick

In Jump Force, the awakening gauge is a mechanic that allows players to unleash their characters’ most powerful attacks. The gauge is charged by dealing and taking damage, and can be further increased by performing certain actions, such as picking up energy orbs or defeating enemies. There are three levels to the awakening gauge, and each level gives access to more powerful attacks.

Jump Force – All True Awakening Transformations & Ultimate Attacks

  • To charge the awakening gauge in Jump Force, players will need to land successful hits on their opponents
  • Each hit that is landed will fill up a small portion of the gauge, with bigger hits filling up more of the gauge
  • Once the gauge is full, players can press the designated button to enter an awakened state
  • In this state, players will have access to more powerful attacks and abilities that can help turn the tide of battle
  • Awakening states are only temporary, so players will need to make use of them wisely in order to achieve victory

Jump Force Awakening Button

Jump Force Awakening Button is a feature in the video game Jump Force that allows players to use characters’ unique abilities during battle. It is activated by pressing the right bumper on the Xbox One controller or the R1 button on the PlayStation 4 controller. When activated, a character’s icon will appear above their head and will remain there until the player deactivates it or the character dies.

Each character has their own specific ability that is tied to their Awakening Button. For example, Goku can use his Kamehameha wave while Luffy can enter Gear Fourth form. The purpose of this feature is to give players an edge in battle, as it allows them to access powerful abilities that they would not be able to use otherwise.

In some cases, it can also be used as a last-ditch effort to turn the tide of a losing battle. It should be noted that using a character’s Awakening Button will drain their health significantly, so it should only be used when absolutely necessary.

Jump Force Awakening Abilities List

Welcome to my post on the Jump Force Awakening Abilities List! In this post, I’ll be providing detailed information on all of the abilities that are available in Jump Force and how they can be used to your advantage in battle. The first ability that I’ll be covering is the Ultimate Move.

The Ultimate Move is a powerful attack that can be performed by pressing the R2 button while your character’s health is at 50% or below. This move will deal massive damage to your opponent and can often mean the difference between victory and defeat. Next up is the Awakened state.

The Awakened state is an incredibly powerful form that your character can enter when their health drops below 25%. In this state, your characters will gain increased strength, speed, and durability, making them nearly unstoppable. However, this state doesn’t last forever and you’ll need to take down your opponents quickly before the Awakened state wears off.

Finally, we have the Transformation ability. The Transformation ability allows you to transform into another character from the series that you’re using in battle. This can be incredibly useful if you find yourself struggling against a particular opponent.

By transforming into a stronger character, you’ll have access to their moveset and abilities which may give you the upper hand needed to win the fight.

How to Use Awakened Ability Jump Force Nintendo Switch

Do you want to know how to use Awakened Ability in Jump Force for Nintendo Switch? If so, then this guide is for you! Here’s everything you need to know about using Awakened Ability in Jump Force.

When you are in battle, there will be a blue bar below your health bar. This is your chakra bar. When your chakra bar is full, you can press the L and R buttons simultaneously to enter Awakened Mode.

In this mode, your character will become much stronger and will have access to new abilities. To fill up your chakra bar, you must land successful attacks on your opponents. Once your chakra bar is full, keep attacking until the blue glow around your character turns red.

This means that your Awakened Mode is about to run out. If you want to prolong it, make sure to land more hits on enemies. Once Awakened Mode ends, your character will be exhausted and their health will be significantly reduced.

Make sure to take advantage of this opening and finish off your opponents while they’re weak!

How to Do Awakening in Jump Force Nintendo Switch

One of the best things about playing Jump Force on the Nintendo Switch is that you can Awakening your characters. This allows you to use their more powerful moves and really take down your opponents. Here’s how to do it:

First, make sure you have enough meter. You’ll need at least 50% to Awakening, so if you’re low, try to build it up by attacking or using special moves. Once you have enough meter, press both the L and R buttons simultaneously.

This will put your character into Awakening mode. In this mode, your character will be much stronger and faster. Their special moves will also be more powerful, so make sure to use them wisely!

You can only stay in Awakening mode for a limited time, so make sure to use it wisely and take down as many opponents as possible before it runs out!

How to Awaken in Jump Force Xbox

It’s time to awaken your true potential and join the ranks of some of the most powerful manga and anime characters in history! In Jump Force, you’ll have the chance to do just that as you take on the role of one of these iconic fighters. Awakening is a special move that can be performed by each character in Jump Force.

It allows them to call upon extra strength in order to defeat their opponent. To activate it, simply press L1+R1/LB+RB on your controller when your fighter’s health is low. However, keep in mind that once you’ve used Awakening, you won’t be able to use it again for the rest of the match.

Choose wisely when to use it! Once activated, your fighter will enter into a powered-up state with increased stats all around. Their moves will also become more powerful and they’ll even gain access to new techniques.

So make sure you give it everything you’ve got while you’re under the effects of Awakening!

How to Charge Awakening Gauge Jump Force
How to Charge Awakening Gauge Jump Force 2


How Do You Use Ultimate Awakening in Jump Force?

In order to use ultimate awakening in Jump Force, players must first complete the game’s story mode. Once story mode is completed, players will be able to access ultimate awakening for all characters that they have unlocked. To activate ultimate awakening, players must press and hold the R2 button while pressing the L2 button.

Doing this will trigger a cutscene in which the character will transform into their ultimate form. After the cutscene ends, the player will be able to control their character in their new form and access new abilities and moves. Ultimate awakening can only be used once per battle and it will automatically end if the player’s character is KO’d.

How Do You Charge a Jump Force?

Assuming you are referring to the battery-operated kind of Jump Force, it is pretty easy. Just plug the unit into any standard 120 volt outlet with the included AC adapter and let it charge for 24 hours before first use. After that, it will only need to be charged every few months if used regularly, or once a year if used infrequently.

What is the Awakening Bar in Jump Force?

The awakening bar in Jump Force is a mechanic that allows players to temporarily boost their stats and damage output. It is filled by dealing and taking damage, and once full, can be activated to enter an awakened state. This state lasts for a short time, during which the player’s stats are increased, and they can deal more damage.

The awakening bar can be refilled by dealing or taking damage while in the awakened state.

Who Has the Strongest Awakening in Jump Force?

There are a few characters in Jump Force with some pretty powerful awakenings, but there are definitely a few that stand out above the rest. Two of the most obvious choices would be Goku and Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z. Both of these characters have access to incredibly powerful techniques that can decimate opponents. Another great choice would be Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto Shippuden, whose Nine Tails Chakra Mode gives him a massive boost in power and speed.

But if we’re talking about who has the strongest awakening overall, it’s hard to look past Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach. His Bankai form is incredibly powerful, and his Hollowfication gives him an even greater boost in strength. With these two forms combined, Ichigo is easily one of the most dangerous characters in Jump Force.


In Jump Force, players will be able to use the “Awakening Gauge” to power up their characters and unleash more powerful attacks. Here’s how to charge it up: 1. Each character has an Awakening Gauge that fills up as they fight.

2. The gauge can be charged by either attacking or being attacked. 3. Once the gauge is full, the character can enter an “Awakened” state that gives them access to more powerful moves. 4. The Awakening Gauge will deplete over time, so players will need to keep an eye on it and recharge it when necessary.

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